Who are you?
My name is Chris McMillion, and I make hand-painted designs on apparel.

Do you only ship in the U.S?
Nope. I would like the whole world to wear my designs.

How long does it take?
Because everything is hand made, it varies by design. The product could arrive 3 days to 3 weeks from purchase.

When do I pay you?
You pay first, and then the work process begins.

Will I have an input on the design?
Of course! The outcome of the shoe relies heavily on your input, so be sure to say everything you want it to have after you receive the confirmation email. You will be shown a rough sketch before the painting begins, just to make sure everything is to your liking.

Can I see the sketch before I pay?
Unfortunately that isn't a very good idea, because someone might just take the sketch and never come back for the shoes. After you pay, you will receive a sketch. After all, art takes time and effort.

Can you draw everything?
I am willing to try. You will never receive a product that isn't as high a standard as you expect. If something seems too difficult, it would be discussed via e-mail. That being said, I haven't backed down from a challenge yet, so please e-mail me what you desire. (However, I will probably turn down any pornographic or otherwise inappropriate material).

Can I wash my shirt without it fading?
You sure can! All shirts are made with fabric paints, making them totally safe for washing machines. In fact all shirts will be shipped after being washed once to remove any pencil marks (and also for good hygiene).

I have another question!
Please e-mail any other questions or concerns to info@poppinsoles.com