Introducing two new options: Bulk Orders and Toms! Bulk orders are the perfect way to save on hand-painted kicks to brighten up your wedding party. And grab a pair of Toms to make the bride stand out!

Hand Painted Designs

Chris McMillion is the artist behind Poppin Soles, and he is passionate about art, fashion, pop culture, and entrepreneurship. He's spent a large part of his life drawing and painting, and started painting on Converse right before his freshman year at the University of Albany. Most of those designs were based on music, movies, video games, and Japan. He received his degree in Japanese, and he draws a lot of inspiration from the culture and country, where he lived for a year. He's based in Boston now, where he's a painting instructor at events in the city's bars and restaurants, but he still loves hand-painting on apparel, because he thinks it helps define who we are!

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