Making Movies: Omamori and Gaijin Vampire

Time for my next installment of Making Movies, this time focusing on the movies I made in Japan! These are by far the best I've made over the years, earning even more awards (albeit at a mock-up awards ceremony). I'm proud to share these projects with the world outside of Japan!

Pet Projects

Before jumping into either of the shorts I made, I'll share some of the smaller video projects I put together while abroad. It was these projects that made my classmates aware that I had some video/editing skills. Most are just simple clips put together to music, in order to showcase my experiences:


In my second semester abroad, I took a Japanese film class. Imagine watching movies every week, and having no work; it was the best class, at least for lazy people. Best of all, our professor, Okada-sensei, was a riot. You'll see a cameo from him in a little while.

By the end of the semester, we were grouped together and had to create our own short films. My group set a goal of trying to create a film where each character affected the other, and I personally tried to keep it a silent film, to avoid having to deal with sound editing, and bad acting, which you may or may not see later. For the record, an Omamori is a type of lucky Japanese amulet:

Gaijin Vampire

Some of my good friends were in another group in the same Japanese film class, and asked for my help editing their movie. The concept is pretty wild; a normal Japanese school is suddenly attacked by Gaijin Vampires. Gaijin is Japanese slang for "foreigner" and a Gaijin Vampire has the power to... well, why don't you find out for yourself:

We had a hell of a good time making this film, and I'm still super excited to show other people. We even won Best Film at the Okadamy Awards ;)