Making Movies: The Sketchy Characters

In my college years, I was the proud member of a comedy club, and we were known as The Sketchy Characters. We partook in every aspect of comedy, including improv, stand-up, and live and filmed sketches. A lot of the material was, well, let's just say it needed refining, but I believe we had some decent gems in our pile of nonsense. I'll just share a few of the sketches I had a part in. 

The Good

I had a big selection of videos to choose from, but I decided to focus on the video sketches that I had a hand in making. This next video is a small part I had in a spoof on our campus security:

It could use some work, and let me warn you, they don't get too much better from here. That last video was one of my earlier roles, and this next one is actually my final role for The Sketchy Characters: 

The Better

Those last two were collaborations with the entire writing crew of The Sketchy Characters, but these next two videos are written primarily by me, and they have a very different sense of humor about them. Let's start with the first, based on an old concept I had worked on in high school:

This next video is based on an actual conversation I had with a friend in Japan. It reminds me of the fast-paced dialogue of The Gilmore Girls, but with two dudes:

The Best

This next sketch was actually the intro to one of our live shows at the school's Performing Arts Center. We decided to open it with a digital sketch that flows into a live sketch, and this is the first half:

I know the header says "the best," but take that with a grain of salt. I'm very happy with everything I learned about filming and editing, and even writing and acting, but obviously a little something was missing to make these videos huge hits. However, this next sketch is pretty great in my opinion. I didn't write this one, but I did the editing and voice-over:

So that's it! Like I said, I learned a lot, and I was able to apply these skills to some of the best movies I've made. Keep an eye out for those movies in my next installment of Making Movies.