For the Love of Shoes

Obviously, I have a passion for cool kicks, but until today I didn't realize just how much people love their shoes. I was inspired to do a blog post about my passion for kicks thanks to the new Nike Mag, the shoe based on the kicks Marty McFly wears in 2015 in Back to the Future II. I thought it would be nice to voice my opinion on sneakers, so I started doing some research (keyword some). I came across a movie on Netflix called Sneakerheadz. If you're into fashion or sneakers, or want to see a neat little documentary, you could give it a watch. I can't say it's profound, but I definitely have different ideas to mull over when it comes to the topic of shoes. 

Nike Mag

So, what is the Nike Mag? In Back to the Future II, these shoes are famous for lacing themselves when the wearer puts them on. The real product is a little more intricate; the shoe has adaptive technology that provides comfort and support based on the wearer's use. The Mag was revealed last October, and they'll be giving away a limited 89 pairs on October 17th via auction. There's still time to enter, as the draw closes October 11th. 

Personally, I think the shoes were ugly in the movie, and are ugly now. But this is only the first pair. Nike is constantly releasing newer versions of the same shoe, so I expect to see a Nike Mag II, III, etc. each with different colorways, and I'm sure the technology will only improve. Nike says they’re testing these with athletes, so I can only imagine the sort of super shoe they'll be able to create. I know you're excited too, but I can see you asking yourself, what’s a colorway? To be honest, I didn't know until today, when I watched Sneakerheadz.


Sneakerheadz is a documentary directed by David T. Friendly and Mick Partridge, which is available now on Netflix. It covers a wide range of topics related to some very obsessive shoe fanatics. Some would call them hoarders, some curators, and others addicts. The focus is on what it means to be a sneakerhead, and we get to peek into the lives of a wide variety of people, from graphic designers, skateboarders, baseball players, DJs, and so on. They’re all connected by their love of sneakers of all types. We travel from NYC, to LA, and even Tokyo, which has a thriving sneaker culture. It might be the Japanophile in me, but I found that side of the documentary to be the most interesting. 

That's not to say the movie isn't interesting, because you'll definitely be curious about what drives these people. I enjoyed learning about this culture that I was on the fringe of, but never really took part in. Honestly, I think I'll stay away, because it’s mostly a money pit, and at other times it can be dangerous. But the movie proves that with great risk comes great rewards. We see quite a few sneakerheads turn their lives around or become a legend based on their involvement in the sneaker scene. In the end though, I wasn't inspired to do much more than write this blog post on my opinion on shoes.

My Opinion On Shoes

I don't think I need to specify, but my favorite kicks are Hi-Top Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Everyone knows them, everyone wears them, and every subculture has implemented them somehow. I would say my preference for Cons over other sneakers is a result of my music taste; punk rock and ska-punk. I never skateboarded, so I never really had DCs or other brands associated with that scene, so Cons were my only option to connect. Plus, All-Stars have that one defining piece: canvas.

So, I'm an artist and my favorite shoes are made of canvas. It's a no-brainer that I'd start painting on them, and I've found the results to be really cool. I like the challenge of designing an image that will actually work with the flow of the sneaker. On top of that, I get to flaunt my artwork every single day, and when one pair gets old, I make a new pair. It's like an art exhibit that travels with me. If anyone is curious about what I do or my quality, I can just point down, and they'll see right away what I'm all about.