My Top 5 Favorite Movies

One of my greatest passions is film. If I'm not watching a movie, I'm recording a video, editing footage, or listening to a film podcast. If you've never heard of The Film Vault, you should give it a listen. It's my absolute favorite podcast, and they have a pretty straightforward gimmick; each week they discuss the Top 5 films, scenes, characters, etc. that fall into a designated topic. They get pretty in depth, but I'm going to keep things simple with my top 5 favorite movies! 

5. Reservoir Dogs

I'll admit it  my top 5 movies were released from the 90's onward. I think it was a great time for cinema, though. Tarantino is one of my favorite directors, and although it's hard for him to hold back on his Tarantino-ist style, he really nailed it with Reservoir Dogs. It's got everything; a great soundtrack, cool characters, gangsters, heists gone wrong, violence, and superb dialogue. 

Favorite scene: The tip discussion
Favorite character: Mr. Pink

4. Requiem for a Dream

It's hard to choose any one Darren Aronofsky film, since he's my favorite director, but this movie blew me away. I am as straight-edge as you get, so I had a natural apprehension to watching this film about 4 drug addicts. I used Pi as a gateway drug to Aranofsky films, and since that one hit the spot, I figured I'd give his sophomore outing a try, and I am so glad I did. I didn't realize how much I'd connect with this movie, from the beautiful score, which I could listen to for hours, to the brilliant portrayal of obsessiveness. 

Favorite scene: The Fall scene
Favorite character: Tyrone C. Love 

3. Drive

This movie snuck up on me, and I think that was for the best. When I first saw the trailers for Drive, I was not a Ryan Gosling fan, and I thought it would be some Fast & the Furious knock off mixed with some Grand Theft Auto. Boy was I wrong. This move is so well paced, and if you've never seen it, you're in for a ride. Ryan Gosling is one of my favorite actors now, and the soundtrack is chilling. Nicolas Winding Refn's films have perfect soundtracks and crisp visuals, and Drive wraps both up with an 80's inspired bow. Check out this pair of Drive kicks I made:

Favorite scene: The hotel scene when it all goes down
Favorite character: The Driver

2. The Big Lebowski

The first time I saw The Big Lebowski, I wasn't impresses. I had heard so much about how great it was, that I was pumped to finally sit down and watch it. I guess I got lost in the convoluted plot, but I felt like I had been lied to. Despite that, something about it made me want to like it, that I had convinced myself I really did. I decided to show some friends, and the second viewing was so much better, and third was even better, and the fourth more so, and so on. This is one of those rare movies that never gets old, and only gets better the more you see it. Check out this custom tee I made in honor of Donny:

Favorite scene: Throwing the ashes into the sea
Favorite character: Tie between Walter Sobchak and The Dude

1. In Bruges

If I had to pick one genre to watch for the rest of time, it'd be dark comedies. For me, In Bruges is the perfect blend of drama, action, humor, atmosphere, and storytelling. It can be very dark, what with the murder, and suicides, and dead kids, but it know when to keep things funny. I love immersing myself in the city of Bruges, a truly magical place, and spending time with the troubled, yet endearing character of Ray, who can't stand the fairy tale town. The ending wraps all the loose ends up in a neat bow, and the whole movie is a metaphor for the death and the afterlife. It is haunting and beautiful, and sits deservedly so in my number one spot. 

Favorite scene: The attempted suicide/murder in the park
Favorite character: Ray