Poppin the Question

It may seem a little corny, but I'm very proud of my engagement day. I know I surprised my fiance and everything went according to plan. I wouldn't change any part of it, except I might have lost a little weight!

Choosing the Ring

I had been planning on getting engaged for a long time. My now fiance and I were dating for 4 years when we decided it was about time to start thinking about marriage. I had also been working full time for about a year, so saving up for a ring wasn't so difficult. Choosing the right one was a different story. My fiance is a little picky, so we sat down and looked at a bunch of different types of rings online. We nixed different cuts and designs, and set certain standards for quality. Based on that research, I knew which ring I'd be getting her, and she wouldn't know exactly what to expect. When I finally had enough saved up, I ordered the ring online, and set to planning how I'd propose. 

The First Attempt

It just so happened that Mother's Day was coming up, and both our parents would be visiting us in Boston. We made a plan to travel around the city, and my own secret plan was to pop the question at the end of our wonderful day together. Cute plan, you say? Well, here comes the but...

But! I got an email from Jared, that the diamond I had ordered did not pass inspection! I wasn't going to be able to get a ring in time for Mother's Day, and just like that, all my plans were set back. We still had a great Mother's Day, and I decided to pick up a diamond in the store. A couple weeks later I went to Jared and within a few hours I had in my hands, the ring. I hid it in my video game cabinet with a note that read: 

The only way you'd now what this says is if you've been snooping. You better not open this box.

Plan B

I wanted to make the proposal a special moment, and without our parents there I was going to have to try extra hard to impress my then girlfriend. I did a lot of research on locations to propose in Boston and came across a park across the harbor with a view of the city: Piers Park. I knew this was the place, so I put together the rest of the plan and waited for the day to come. 

The day was Thursday, June 25th, 2015. I dropped my then girlfriend off at work like usual, and headed to my office with the ring. Toward the end of the day, she sent me a message along the lines of wanting to leave, so I offered to pick her up from work (This is something I would typically avoid, since at the time, she worked in downtown Boston). She knew it was strange that I offered, but she just thought I was being nice. I met her at her building and we started to head home, or so she thought! 

Fortunately for me, my fiance doesn't know her way around the city of Boston by car that well, even to this day. So when I started heading East, instead of West towards our apartment, she didn't have a clue. It wasn't until she saw a sign for the airport that it clicked we weren't heading home. She asked where we were headed, but we had just arrived at the restaurant I had reservations at: Ecco.

Source :  Ecco Boston

Source: Ecco Boston

I told her I planned a surprise dinner for us. You'd think she'd realize what was about to happen, but I picked this day on purpose. You see, I had a league softball game scheduled for that night, so she totally thought it was simply a surprise dinner. And what an excellent dinner it was! I highly recommend Ecco if you're ever in East Boston, which you would be if you're coming in to the airport. 

After dinner we started heading toward Piers Park. Once again, my fiance had no idea we were headed in the opposite direction of home, and when we got to the park, I spun it as another surprise before softball, since I know she likes parks, and we were already in the area. That one worked too, and so far my plan was going smooth. 

The final detail of my plan was capturing the moment in a photograph. I didn't have anyone set up in the park, so I just had to hope there'd be someone standing at the end of the park, by the best view of the city, and that they'd be willing to take a photo. Fortunately, there was another couple at the end of the park, so I knew everything was going to work out. I started by trying to take a selfie of us and the city in the background, but I'm pretty terrible at selfies, so I asked the couple nearby if they could take a photo of us. After carefully showing the gentleman how to use my phone's camera, I got into position, dropped to one knee, and pulled out the ring. 

Needless to say, she said yes, but only after minutes of joyous laughter. I also did not attend my softball game that night, but we won, so everything really did work out. If you'd like to follow our wedding plans, you can head to our wedding website!